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How to Choose Your Child’s Next School

Choosing a school for your kid is a big decision that you do not want to underestimate. Your child is going to spend most of her or his time at school, and it is going to be a huge part of their life that determines a lot of experience that they will have. It would be a nightmare for any parent to know that they have made the wrong decision and choose the wrong school because your child is unhappy or the influence that the school has on your child is not the best one. And no matter how many times you have done it, this part of your journey as a parent is not going to get any easier. If possible, the next school should always if not as good or better than the last one since you have learned a lesson or two about the experience.

Figure out the School’s Values

Though the goal is for your child to learn new information, socialize, get some essential skills that should help them later in the future, every school has its agenda about what they want to achieve. It matters that you put enough research into this, you should know these things, so you compare and consider what you want the child to focus on the most. Some schools are leaning more towards academic, but there are also schools like colegio florencia nightingale with the perfect balance that aim to teach the students on how to survive in the society later.

Meet the Teachers and the Students

schoolSpend some time to visit the school, and see for yourself what everything looks like in person. This will also give you the opportunity to talk to the teachers, students, and parents. Use this moment to make your judgment towards the teachers, whether you like them or not and what is their first impression for you. One thing that parents often forgot to do is to approach students and ask if they would recommend this school or how do they feel about it.

Have a Conversation with Your Child

studyingAt the end of the day, your child is going to be the one who is attending the school and commit to it for years. Always keep the communication line open and make sure that you are listening to what they have to say. As the generation that is going to school at the moment, they might know a thing or two that you would have no idea as a parent.…

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Tips for Selecting the Best School for Your Kids

Choosing the right school for you baby plays an important role in their academic growth. Do you remember your school days? Did you love going to school? People remember school with different emotions. Some will say that it was fun, others will curse the first day they joined the school. Roles turned, and it is you choosing a school for your child. Research and do all it takes so that he or she enjoys every bit. This article will give you some important tips that will help you in selecting a school for your child. You can check Private School Reviews for Green Meadow Waldorf School for more information.

Academic Background

co-curriculum activities Is the school going to provide a strong educational background for your child? The academic potential of a school is measured by tracking their previous performance. The school management should be willing to give a track of how the school has been performing for the last three years for example. The availability of trained and qualified teachers is another measure of academic performance.

School Is Not All About Books

What are you aiming at as a parent? What type of a student is your child? The child’s age matter when it comes to co-curriculum activities. Gone are days when pupils only studied books and came home with huge homeworks with unrealistic deadlines. It is okay for the child to learn science and math but activities that require the direct contribution of the child matter as well. Such include, dancing, drawing, drama, storytelling, sport, painting, singing to mention a few. Consider a school that contributes to the all-around growth of your child.

School Should Not Be Boring

Talk of infrastructure, timings, and ambiance. Parents must understand that school timings should match that of the child. If you always pushing the baby out of bed every day to catch the school bus, they might end up hating school. In school, are the classes clean, organized and well ventilated? What about the seats, are they comfortable and of the right height? There should be a proper communication channel such that in case anything happens to your child, you will be informed immediately. Such an environment will be comfortable for your child and they will be looking forward to school time.


happy kidsHow far is the school from home? Traveling to and fro school is a nightmare to some children. Consider enrolling your child in a school near your house so that the child spend minimum traveling time. The energy saved can be used for other important activities in school.…

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Key Reasons Why Your Child Should Attend Nursery School

At the beginning of formal education, a kid is exposed to many new concepts at the pre-school level. During this stage, a child is eager to learn many new things. That is why as a parent, you need to look for the best nursery school to take your child.

It is your responsibility as a parent to ensure that your kid gets proper and quality teachings while he or she is still young. And therefore, when you are choosing a nursery school, make sure that you know the best tips to put into consideration. The following are some of the reasons why your child should join nursery school.

Helps Your Kid to Grow Emotionally and Socially

kids grow both socially and emotionallyBy the age of three, most children can be independent because they have been brought up alone and they have not shared any resources with others. But once they are introduced to a preschool, the kids share different facilities where they quickly learn to associate others, and they will also make new friends who have various abilities. At the age of three, children can also learn to sympathize with others more especially when they are suffering.

Nurturing the Talents

It is tough to identify the talent of your kid when he or she is still young. That is why you need to take your child to a preschool when he or she attains three years. At a nursery school, you will notice that your child can sing, play and even draw. This is the best place where they will be exposing their talents, and you will know where your child’s interest relies on. Crouch End Nursery is the best nursery school you can decide to take your kid to since they have qualified and experienced teachers who can notice the talent of your kid.

Parents are More Assured

kids will learn and share a lot of thingsMost parents will be happy to know that their children are in a good school with a safe environment. Also, they will be comfortable to know that their needs are well taken care of by qualified and experienced educators. Therefore, when you are choosing a nursery school for your kid, make sure that you pick a school that has well-qualified teachers who know how to handle small kids. If you take your kids to a good school, then when they return home, they will be sharing many things that they did, and some of these stories will offer your family plenty of conversation and laughter at the end of the day.…

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Benefits of Internet learning

It is commonly known as E-learning or distance learning. Schools noticed that some students are too busy to get time to attend normal classes. This is why they introduced distance learning. In many cases students who enroll for distance learning are already working, so they do not have time to attend classes during the day. This is what happens; you study purely online. Once you have registered for your semester, all notes and other learning materials will send to you via Email or on the E-learning portal. You will never meet your lecturers face to face. Some school offers online exams but in most cases, the only time you attend school is when you will be taking your exams. Sounds like a good deal. Let us take a look at some the advantages of E-learning.


E learningIf you want to take your master’s degree, it might never be possible unless you are not working. But E-learning brings all the convenience you want to your table. You can take care of your job and work on your school work as well. Some people think that attending a sitting in class yields more fruits but will it be convenient for you as a 9 am to 5 pm worker? I do not think so. Take your time to get a school which offers the best E-learning classes in your area, and you will enjoy every bit.


You will have cut costs like tuition fee. Remember with distance learning; your lecturer only sends you notes online for you to read. You will also cut other expenses related to attending sit in classes like bus fare or fuel money, lunch expenses just to mention a few. It is a good option for financially strained students, who need to work to pay their bills and school fees. You can plan your time such that you work during the day and study at night or very early in the morning. We can say that the program is affordable time-wise as well. The time otherwise to be spent in school will be spent earning some good money.

Teaches you discipline and responsibility

time disciplineIt requires a lot of discipline to take online classes. Here, no one follows you around. No one will remind you to submit your assignment or CATs. It will be you and only you. Once the lecturer sends you the notes, you must read and research. With such freedom, you must be mature and responsible.…

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How to choose the best school for your baby

Getting a school for your little one should be taken seriously. The first experience your baby gets at school matters a lot to the attitude they will have towards school in the future. It is your duty as a parent to make sure that you give your child the best. There are so many schools in your neighborhood right now, and I am sure this makes it more confusing. Take your time, walk around and research as much as you can before saying yes to a school. This article will give you tips on how to choose the best school for your little one. Read on.


happy school childrenThis is the first step in school hunting. First of all, you must be aware of the schools around for you to make comparisons. Search online, walk around and ask people to get an idea of the best schools in your neighborhood. After you have a compiled list, try to dig further into the school. What is their education system, how many students do they have? What is the teacher-student ratio? Do they offer co-curriculum activities? You must have the right answers to the above questions for to make the right decisions. The list of questions about a school is endless, so ask as many as they cross your mind.


How far is the school from home? Do they offer a school bus transport system? What is the arrival and dismissal time? I would advise that since it is a small baby, you should only select a school which is not far from home, probably a walking distance. A school far away means that the baby will have to wake up early and arrive home tired from traveling. If you must choose a school far away, ensure that the school has a reliable pick and drop school bus service.


school busHow much had you planned to pay for school fees? Nowadays it is not only tuition fee, but we have other expenses like bus fare, lunch fee, trip fee and so forth. Different people will afford different schools. And for your information, some schools are costly. We are always told that we get what we pay. If you pay humongous school fees, the services offered at the school must be superb. But understand that, there is always something for everyone. There is always a quality service for the amount you have. Search for a school which gives you the quality of your money, irrespective of the amount.…